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House of Cheong Chee/Exotic Pearls awarded a ‘Semi-Finalist’ status at the 2017 Hong Kong National Film Festival

Asia Goddess TRAVEL filmfest 2017 acceptance


“Zhū 珠 Pearl tugged at my heartstrings so acutely, where upon completing the novel it brought tears to my eyes. I am dumbfounded as to how an author as young as Jasemin was able to capture the essence of us Chinese women during a period before she was even born!”

– Bridget Eu, Author and Poet. Malaysia, London.

“Set in the year 1927 during the Chinese Civil War with fleeting reference to Ipoh during the tin-mining boom days, it is written by a very talented young author whose prose is so assured and whose observations are so keen and deeply felt that it is almost an insult to reveal her true age. “

– Tan Mei Kuan, University of Malaya Languages and Linguistics (English) Bachelor’s graduate. Journalist with Ipoh Echo.