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Jasemin Sibo is an Indochine Chinese native. Born in the picturesque valley of Ipoh, Malaysia, she grew up in the midst of lush tropical rainforests and near the azure Malacca Strait. She is an author, triptych painter and a performing artisan. In October 2016, Jasemin graduated with a CGPA 4 at the prestigious New York Film Academy in filmmaking. She is currently utilizing her new skills to bring her beloved novels to life. Le Grand Central (English fantasy feature film) and Exotic Pearls (Cantonese/English artistic documentary) are some of her own creations about to hit the silver screens in cinemas and at home.

Jasemin has published three books since 2014 ranging from short stories, dramatic novel and the most recent Henna पीतातिरक्त: The Dancer from Cambodia written in the form of a poetic novella. Her raw talent as a literary creator has been endorsed in the Asia Pacific region including Australian Society for Authors, Confucius Institute at La Trobe University (Melbourne), Perak Academy (Malaysia) and the China Culture Organization (China).

“Art is the window to one’s soul. I believe that most people need some form of a creative outlet to express their innermost feelings. With the right medium, canvas and personal story…. anyone can create their own unique masterpiece.” – Jasemin